A glass of water before meal takes away the pounds

Winter months are traditionally the most critical part of the year when most of us gain a few kilograms, all thanks to the various holidays, celebrations, lack of activities… However, there are some small things you can do for yourself and prevent the above-mentioned kilograms. One of these things is a glass of water before meal.

In fact, for a long time people who are on a diet are pointing out that before each meal they drink a glass of water in order to reduce appetite and thus the stomach will have less room for food. Recent studies made in USA confirmed that this trick is accurate in which the scientists were focused on finding answers to two questions:

Whether this “system” works at all and if this is the case, for whom and how much works.

So, according to a study published in the journal “Obesity” experts from Virginia Teha have come up with interesting results. Specifically, they followed a group of elderly people (55 and older) who “threw” on low-calorie diet for 3 months. Now, to make the story more interesting, one group consumed water before each meal (about two cups) and in the second group the respondents drank the water when they were thirsty (in each case not before meals). After three months, members of the “water” group lost an average of more than 7 kg, while members of the “dry” group failed to reach a deficit of 5 kg …
The difference of 2 kilograms looks small, but annually it is 8 kg, and all you have to do is to drink water before meal.


A study published in 2008 shows a similar effect as the above study provided by the scientists who precisely measured and concluded that obese respondents who consume water before meals import 13% less calories. Great, isn’t it? The third study, conducted in 2007 and casts a discreet veil of mystery to all discoveries: namely, in this study, the researchers have come up with interesting results – drinking water 30 minutes before a meal causes reduced calorie intake and hunger but only in older patients – those over 35 years! The younger ones didn’t feel the benefits of the method. Nobody understands why, although it is speculated with the fact that older people are more obese, and have an increased risk of adding extra kilograms but none of that has been confirmed and we are waiting for new studies.

Otherwise, generally speaking, the average person with a Western lifestyle gains about a pound just in the months of December and January and on an annual basis can be one to two kilograms each year. Little tricks that permanently reduce this weight gain – such as a glass of water 30 minutes before a meal – can give excellent results in the long run.

So, be careful during the holidays and celebrations – drink water, beware of nutrition and if you overdo it – well … – increase physical activity.