A few tips for removing makeup from your face

The makeup that girls use nowadays can withstand long hours on the face, although they save you from constantly correcting, still have certain drawbacks, including the harder removal. The constantly cleaning of the makeup is a real torture for your eyelashes and may cause irritation to more sensitive skin.

Today we offer some tips for gentle and complete removal of makeup from your face.
1. Protect your eyes
The thinnest skin on our face is the one around the eyes. That is why it is prone to irritation, inflammation and so on. Odorless products, oil and alcohol are an excellent option for removing everyday makeup from the eyes. It is best to look for make-up remover for the eyes with a pH value that is close to natural pH value of your tears – 6.9-7.5.

2. Select heavier removers if you use waterproof makeup
If you use waterproof makeup, oil-based removers are ideal for you. Usually, used tools cannot fully cope with waterproof mascara. However, be aware that the oil may leave a greasy residue behind, but can also create a barrier around the eyes, whereupon cream or other products that would have caused then, it can penetrate the skin. To prevent this, after removing the make-up, it is advisable to do a thorough cleaning of the skin around the eyes.
3. Wet wipes
Cleaning the makeup with wipes for removing of makeup has its advantages, but because they are not sufficiently wet, require constant friction, which can cause irritation or skin damage. Therefore, wean from them and use them only in exceptional situations.

4. Make your own makeup removers
When you don’t have suitable makeup removers, make your own. Combine a little bit of vaseline and a little moisturizer, necessary, wipe the skin and it will make a miracle. Another product that you can use to remove make-up is honey. He is gentle on the eyes and hydrating, unlike other removers which are based on alcohol, which may cause drying. Then, wash your face to avoid sticking.
Finally, use your favorite lotion to remove all traces of make-up.