9 tips against swollen eyelids

Drunk too much alcohol, and sleep a little, cried too much or drink too little water: swollen eyelids betrayed far too many of our sins. We embellish the truth: the best instant tips against thick eyes.

swollen eyelids

More is better: Drink water!

Short nights go often accompanied by one or another glass of alcohol. And so are virtually inevitable swollen eyelids. Because alcohol slow all the metabolic activities of the body. Also the lymph flow is throttled, so that fluid accumulates easily in the lids.Those who don’t want to give up the drink yet, drink at least a sufficient amount, at best still water it. Per glass of alcohol you should ideally drink two glasses of water. The higher the moisture is the balance of the body is kept, the better the circulation and the lower the risk of swollen eyelids.

But not only for the prevention of thick eyes, but also as a relief affects the water wonders. Who wants to decongestant thick eyelids, drinks throughout the day so much it goes; three liters would be absolutely ideal. Importantly: Do not take this amount of water in large quantities, but in small rations over the day so you can keep the lymphatic circulation permanently in motion.

Wind & wine: This also makes thick eyes

By weeping nights or stormy weather, you really are not the one to blame, our mirror image takes it unfortunately still no consideration. Irritation caused by wind, wines, as well as dust, dry heated air or high temperatures can swell eyelids. The first signs of thick eyes are a slight itching or burning, as well as an unpleasant dryness. The best way to help to prevent the swollen eyelids, as soon as you feel these symptoms. Eye drops from the pharmacy can be helpful now as reliable as cooling conditions (e.g soaked in cold chamomile tea compress or a shock-cooled spoon) and a little time out for the eyes.

You do not have to do the same (but you are welcome to) take a nap. Already the regular closing of the eyes for a few minutes relieves the swelling. Who wants more combine it both! If you have more sensitive skin and therefore often suffer from puffy eyes, it’s worth it to buy a cooling mask migraine.