6 ways to heal cracked lips

Just like the skin, winter hurts your lips too – they crack and dried as a result of cold air. However, it is possible to have a soft and seductive lips even in this season. In fact, cracked lip are one of the most easily solvable problems associated with beauty and body care. Here is how …


1. Do not breathe on mouth

Not only this habit is not beautiful in the long term for the body, but as a result you have cracked lips. Also, the lip balm will have much shorter effect because of the warm air you drop while breathing.

2. Do not lick your lips

Dermatologists agree that cracked lip are often a result of their licking and nibbling. Of course, it is a circle of which you can not easily get out. Namely, the spit dries your lips, increasing the need to re-wet, so if you start again, you can not stop.

3. Avoid long lasting lipsticks

This mostly refers on long-type liquid lipsticks that contain alcohol. Precisely this ingredient is the culprit that dries up the skin and lips.

4. Water will not help

Contrary to the familiar opinions, the amount of water you drink during the day has no effect on cracked lips. In fact, your lips are dry due to lack of fluid, you should not drink anything for days.

5. Shampoo before and after every meal

After each meal and drinking, apply lip balm. The water we enter in food and beverages can further dry lips, so lip balm is a good solution for their currently treatment.

6. Use moisturizing preparations

The main feature that should have your lip balm is moisturizing.