Why Physical activity is so important


Physical activity is one of the most important steps for improving our health life. Improper diet and lack of activity are major risk factors for chronic diseases. Regular moderate physical activity reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, diabetes, depression, obesity … The regulation of body weight and maintain the results achieved in the long run is much easier to achieve with regular physical activity. If we want to maintain your weight, energy intake and expenditure must be in balance. Increases the volume of muscle, increases basal metabolism, increase energy consumption… The energy consumption is increased up to 72 hours after the training instead before training.

Physical activity


Diabetes Type 2 is occurring in middle age, after the age of 30 and is directly related to lifestyle and diet. Physical activity increases the sensitivity of cells of the body to insulin, improving the insulin resistance and hyperinsulinemia. Therefore to improve glucose metabolism, and even comes to the creation and accumulation of body fat. Physical activity is controlled by body weight. Weight loss results in the control of blood glucose levels, which is a key factor in the prevention of complications of diabetes?


During Diet is encourage regular moderate physical activity. In the beginning the diet is recommended twice per half hour a day of moderate physical activity – brisk walking, cycling or swimming. Depending on the phase in which the diet is, is depending the strength and type of your activity. Regular physical activity during the diet accelerates the speed of losing excess weight, creating the habit for a healthy life and prevent later restore lost weight. Make your daily routine. Additional activity, depends on your lifestyle, work that we do, age, gender and other factors. Choose exercises or sports that you enjoy.