Physical activity during pregnancy

Does a future mother should practice exercise?

For women who are of normal health and have a normal pregnancy physical activity is considered to be not only safe but also very beneficial to the health of both themselves and their babies!
If you have a pregnancy practiced physical activity is no reason that this nice habit of not keeping a pregnancy and of course with caution and with a decrease in the intensity of exercise (some recent research shows that they’re safe even intensive exercise and that you do not increase the risk of premature birth). On the other hand if a pregnancy were not involved in physical activities is not too late to start exercising and then only in this case you have to move gradually from very light exercise.
No matter if you’ve been training for a pregnancy or are only now you want to start exercising, you should see your doctor who has to give you permission to engage in physical activity during pregnancy!


The benefits of exercise during pregnancy

    • It is easier to bear weight gain
    • reduction of headache
    • better sleep
    • Improve circulation
    • Reducing back pain
    • Easily return to the old lost weight after giving birth
    • Better utilization of oxygen
    • Reducing stomach problems
    • It reduces the swelling of the hands and feet
    • easier delivery
    • Improve the general psycho-physical condition

Exercises in Pregnancy

We present to you some of the exercises you can do during pregnancy:

        • Walking
        • Joga
        • Swimming (in water the proper temperature)
        • Cycling (with caution)
        • The exercises in the water (the most effective form of exercise in pregnancy)
        • Exercises with weights (more reps with a very small increase weight that do not require holding the breath and stresses)
        • Yoga for pregnant women
        • Kegel exercises

Exercises that pregnant women should avoid

Due to the specific situation in which there are pregnant women should avoid contact sports like skiing, horseback riding, skating, biking on rough terrains, diving and all the sports in which the increased possibility of hitting the crash. In addition, should avoid diving not to upset the circulation and caused decompression sickness that can harm the fetus. After 4 months of pregnancy should not do the exercises in the position of lying on her back and exercises that work with inverted stomach.

A sign that you should stop exercising

        • Pains
        • Cramps
        • Unconsciousness
        • Dizziness
        • Headache
        • Wheezing

Tips for exercising
Be sure to warm up before you start exercising
Get plenty of fluids before, during and after exercise
Gradually begin and end your training (without sudden stops)
Provide a safe exercise (appropriate clothing and shoes, the correct devices, equipment and exercise equipment)
Do not exercise hungry
Enjoy a workout, training should not be a pain in your pregnancy exercise you should be fun and give you a pleasure
Exercise regularly (3 to 4 sessions a week of at least 30 minutes)
Stop if you experience any problems (pain, dizziness, tachycardia, stabbing chest pain, cramps, difficulty breathing …)