Natural Anti-Aging Treatments

Ingredients: olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil, shea butter, calendula, cucumber, clay minerals.
The soaps are produced in the traditional cold process. In this way, valuable components such as essential oils, herbal infusions and herbal extracts remain unchanged. The vegetable oils have all the food quality, the essential oils are either organically grown or from the wild.

Natural Anti-Aging Treatment

What to looking for

Green Love
It is green, creamy and sweet smell of cucumbers. The mixture of cucumber (of course together with the nutrient-rich dish) aloe vera and green clay transforms it into a soap delicate skin treatment helps you to stay young, reduces wrinkles and makes shine the skin.

All of us want smooth skin, without wrinkles – and cucumber is a magical element in cosmetics. We use only organic cucumbers. It is the only soap that requires no additional liquid, because the cucumber is from 96.5% Water (full of vitamins and minerals). It is an excellent moisturizer for tired, mature, prone to wrinkling, irritated and sensitive skin.

Each skin will appreciate the balanced amount of potassium, iron, silicon and phosphorus in the soap. Wash your face every day. Vitamin C, vitamin A and B that will help everyone to support the natural process of skin regeneration. After each wash, the skin is cleansed, feel radiant and fresh.


Cucumber: – is very rich in vitamins (vitamin B3, B6, B9, vitamin A and E), minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, as well as enzymes which have a positive effect on the skin. The cucumber water is present in a large proportion, is a very good moisturizer. The shell has a soothing effect on the skin; assists in restoration of the natural pH of the skin, removal of impurities and heals irritation.
The soup is perfect for those who have problems with blackheads or acne. It is also recommended for people with oily skin and enlarged pores.

Aloe Vera balm for the skin

The main field of application of fresh Aloe Vera leaf is the skin care and beauty. Beauty and health form an indissoluble unity. Aloe vera is suitable for injuries, burns and other skin problems of any kind because of their strong skin penetrating power by as much cosmetic products. Cosmetic active ingredients reach just the first two layers of the skin, whereas aloe vera penetrates to the sixth layer of the skin. In many cases, the fabric is even up to the periosteum supplies.

Healthy skin -The contained in aloe vera fresh leaf vitamin E improves the oxygen uptake of the tissue cells and works by premature aging and wrinkling forcefully opposed. Care products with aloe vera stabilize the natural acid mantle of the skin and protect against harmful environmental influences. The skin is supplied with vital nutrients. The cell regeneration and cell growth are stimulated, so that skin cells with Aloe vera growth between six and eight times faster than normal growth. By increasing the collagen and elastin fibers, the Aloe vera the regeneration-degeneration-balance the skin, restores natural anti-aging effect.