How to lose weight without a lot of training


5 ways to get fit without a lot of training

Sport is a great thing to get into shape. However, it often goes without. These amazingly simple fitness tips you can reach your target figure even without regular exercise.

Dieting: only endurance – then force

Do want to bring a few pounds less on the scales? For fat burning applies namely: Only endurance, then strength training. Go during strength training at the beginning of the workout to your limits – what yes for an optimal training result is quite desirable – acidify it the muscles. This, however, fat burning is almost completely stalled. So Go after the dumbbell workout on the treadmill, the body can not fall back on the fat reserves.

Motivation: work out in the team

Programs to increase motivation are at a premium. Clear, because no matter how much fun the sport you have – at some point notify the inner demons and says your workout zeal to fight. Of course there are complicated programs to overcome the acute pain, but the best tip is simple: Work out in the team! It is best to look for a training partner in the circle of friends with whom you share complete the workout regularly – in the optimal case even always on the same day and for the fixed time. Such appointments are not only a good framework for the training program, you will also feel obligated really aground. After all, who are already like the nakedness and calls his best friend for half an hour before the workout to cancel?

Be in form: Functional Training

Work out complete movements – not just individual muscles. So you could bring the current trend workout Functional Training to the point. Instead of combustion engines to sweat with guided movements, lift prefer free weights – pull-ups, dips and pushups are old classics. Even greater is the challenge, if you perform exercises on a balance board or a wobble board. To further improve coordination and balance. Classic Workouts in the field of Functional training include kettle bell and the core training.

Healthy work: a question of technique

Whether runners or fitness athletes, the training is not only a question of endurance and strength. With the right technique you notice any workout easier – and especially so decreases the risk of injury. However, only very few recreational athletes really care about a clean execution of the movements. It is so easy in the studio. Just ask a trainer at the fitness center or emergency an experienced colleague, who himself also trained for some time to watch them even while exercising.

Nutrition: proteins – not only in the evening

Who wants to be fit, must also feed accordingly. And that means the latest findings that much protein should be on your the diet plan. Firstly, the proteins are a muscle-maker. Those who train properly, requires a day from 1.2 to 1.7 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight, so actually grow the muscles. But even if you want to lose weight, the protein is an important energy source. Because excess protein is, unlike the carbohydrates, not stored as fat in the body, but the body just burned. Who eats the evening many proteins (fish fillet or steak with salad) and to dispense with carbohydrates, also ensures that there is no significant insulin secretion. Finally, insulin blocks fat metabolism. Protein in the evening makes you lean against it formally in his sleep.