Finally we have the cure for cancer

Great discovery: Oil cannabis will make cancer cells to commit suicide!

The therapeutic potential of cannabis is limited and extends far beyond the treatment of nausea and combat pain, and concluded a molecular biologist Cristina Sanchez from the University Complutense in Madrid yet 1998.
Since this plant has a lot more benefits than harm (unless, like any medicine, rational use), and its legalization would profit the most sick people who really hemp, unfortunately the pharmaceutical industry, can save lives. Most active campaigner for the legalization of cannabis is Rick Simpson, because of oil of this plant, first ourselves, and then thousands of other people helped cure a serious illness like cancer.

“It was in 2002, doctors have written me off and as we are repeatedly unsuccessfully operated on three pigmented skin lesions of the face. When you remove them, they would be back again, and it still infected! After my years as a hobby examines plants, one morning I was in the bathroom looking at the wound on his face recalled Virginia study which said that THC, the active component of cannabis cures cancer. I took previously prepared oil of cannabis out of the cabinet and the canoe a few drops directly on wounds, “recounted Rick who added that after that only bends back and waited. “After four days, I took off the bandages and I could not believe what I see! The wound was gone, and my skin was pink like a baby! Immediately I began to tell people that I’m cured skin cancer oil from cannabis … Everyone laughed at me, and here it has been eleven and a half years and the cancer has not come back, “said Rick smiling.


Benefits of Cannabis oil

Cannabis oil is tested for many years, and it has been proven that the use of oil achieves the effect of destroying the cancer in a way that leads to self-destruction of cancer cells. In other words, the cancer cells in contact with cannabinoids destroy themselves, and the phenomenon is called apoptosis.

The therapeutic potential of cannabis is unlimited and extends far beyond the treatment of nausea and pain suppression, concluded a molecular biologist Cristina Sanchez from the University Complutense in Madrid in 1998. She explored the molecular activity of cannabinoids, where he and his colleagues found that THC, the primary psychoactive component cannabis, destroys cancer cells and tumors, but without attacking healthy cells. Her team noted that the cancer cells in the presence of THC significantly reduced, and this sensational discovery was not persuaded states to press ahead with the legalization, we now wonder itself Sanchez. She explained that the public is actually the conclusion of the incredible discovery, that the human body is made to use of cannabinoids. Namely, it was revealed that the human body contains two specific receptors for binding of THC THC and other cannabinoids.

These natural receptors allow the human body to consume cannabinoids and make a positive impact on the body. “Endocannabinoid, receptors and enzymes that synthesize and produce endocannabinoids, but also arise from endocannabinoids constitute the endocannabinoid system,” says Sanchez added that “cells can be destroyed in various ways, but after treatment with cannabinoids they were destroyed by themselves,” revealed Sanchez. “One of the advantages is that the cannabinoid selectively attack on cancer cells. That means you do not have any toxic effect on normal, non-cancer cells. This is a big step forward compared to standard chemotherapy that destroys almost all cells both good and bad. “

According to numerous studies and living people who have won this seemingly incurable disease oil from cannabis, it really is about time that the ruling even think about the legalization of cannabis for medical purposes, because if nothing else hemp can do much more than what can be done pharmaceutical poison called morphine’s addictive, does not help in the long run, and again is available for severely ill, which is absurd if we know that cannabis is not addictive and there are no harmful consequences for sick people, and it can save your life.